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We provide Products & Solutions that meet our customers’ expectations and requirements. This is done under ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 environmental management system which is regularly audited, reviewed and updated. As a company who has been making huge investments in creating a healthy environment for research and development, we take pride in our high quality products defining cutting-edge technology. Each product while leaving the manufacturing plant is duly checked for quality and comprises a routine test certificate along with dispatch documents.


At Compaq, an extremely stringent network is followed for its Research and Development. This helps a seamless delivery of high quality products along with exceptional service.
A consistent delivery of durable, reliable and safe products has allowed us to build trust in our customers. Our team is dedicated towards bringing innovation and improvement for you. Thus our product development process is always a home to latest manufacturing and testing facilities.

Health & Safety

At Compaq International, the Health and Safety of its people is of prime importance and the company has an established corporate policy governing those areas. Policies are designed in such a way that they meet all the global standards in safety management systems and all possible safety precautions are observed throughout the Company.