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Heat Shrinkable Straight Through Joints Suitable for 3 core XLPE/ EPR/ PVC Insulated Cables upto 36KV

We are established manufacturers of heat shrinkable straight through joints for XLPE/ PVC cables from 1.1 KV tO 36 KV, heat shrinkable jointing kits and cable jointing kits. The range of heat shrinkable jointing kits is comprehensive and highly suitable for XLPE and PVC insulated cables of different voltages. Fully tested and qualified to industry standards, these cable jointing kits feature heat activated seals and offer superior performance.

Product Code : CXS-E-1236KV

Electrical Performance
Test Requirement 12KV 
A.C. Withstand, 1 Minute 35 KV 50KV 75KV
D.C. Withstand, 15 Minute 48KV 96KV 144KV
Discharge Extintion Voltage (<5Pc) 12.7 KV(Min) 25.4KV(Min) 38KV(Min)
Impulse Withstand (Crest KV) 75KV(Min) 125KV 170KV(Min)
Continuous Current Rating As Per Cable As Per Cable As Per Cable

Electrical Performance
Tests 1.1KV 3.3KV System
A.C. Voltage Withstand 3.5 KV / 5 Minute 5KV/5 Minute
D.C. Voltage Withstand 15 KV /15 Minute 20 KV/15 Minute