About Us


Intelligence Personified! Compaq International has an ethic instilled foundation that has helped us enormously to craft high quality products and services since 1998. As one of the leading manufacturers of Power Cable Accessories used for Power Cables in transmission and distribution of electricity, Compaq International delivers power to millions of people around the world.

Recognized by what we deliver, Compaq International is an ISO 9001: 2015 & 14001: 2015 certified company engaged in development, manufacturing & marketing of Cable Terminating/Jointing Solutions & the comprehensive portfolio includes a finely tuned product range of cable connection systems in heat shrink, cold shrink, slip on, cast resin and Hybrid technologies for screened or unscreened polymeric cables as well as paper-insulated cables.

Compaq has been crafting high-quality products and services in the power cable accessories industry since 1998. Being the first local MV Power Cable Accessories manufacturer of India; Compaq International performs the design and production of the cable terminations and joints, molded components, tubing’s etc. which are designed for LV and MV cable connection systems.

Combining our resources, expertise and technologies, we're able to offer a complete range of customise solutions in power cable accessories and application equipment to simplify installation and to protect your electrical systems.

By Insulating, Connecting and Protecting your valuable assets and equipment systems, we assure the reliability of your electrical connectivity. That reliability is what solves our customers’ toughest challenges, and it starts with a specialization in materials technology and application engineering.

We have always been efficient at adopting the latest technological trends and implementing them in our products. We have fused state-of-the-art technology, robust materials and intuitive designs to create cable jointing solutions that are easy to use, durable and easily serviceable. To meet our customer needs, we make huge investments in research and development to meet and exceed various national and international standards confirming to IEC, CENELEC, IS standards from leading independent test laboratories such as KEMA, CPRI, ERDA.