As you know the distribution networks are growing continuously, so there is high need for QUALITY Installation. In today’s marketplace of highly reliable cable accessories, improper installation—not faulty equipment—has become the most common cause of network failure.

Our Training Center in Haryana, near New Delhi, India, is the center of our training activities. Our state-of-the-art modern facility is designed and equipped for theoretical lessons, practical product training and seminars which enable participants to improve network reliability with proper installation Compaq products.

We only provide 50% of the product.

50% + Failures of Medium Voltage Cable Accessories are caused by Installation Errors or Workmanship.

Correct installation is a key factor that determines long-term product performance and grid reliability. Network outages are a costly disruption, and they most often occur when a product has been installed incorrectly. This can be prevented with the proper training.

Already today, a large number of utilities, network owner operators and contractors partner with us at Compaq International to improve installed product performance by learning from the experts who know our products best.

Our customized, hands-on installation training maximizes operational life and minimizes maintenance costs by teaching methods to avoid installation-related failures.


  • Increased Network Reliability
  • Fewer In-Field Failures
  • Lower Total Cost Of Ownership