Cold Applied Flexible Bushing Boots

Cold Applied Flexible Bushing Boots

Product Code: CCAB

Used on Screened or Rubber Insulated Cables of 6.35/11(12) kV and 8.7/15(17.5) kV as protection boot for Switchgears and Transformers. Cold applied bushing boot is designed for use on either single or 3 core cables from 35 up to 400mm².

Compaq elastomeric insulating boots are moulded parts which fit over the connection between the cable lug and the inline or right-angled equipment bushing to improve phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground insulation. They are used in switchgear and transformer cable boxes where the air clearances are insufficient for normal operation, or to protect against flashover due to rodents or high humidity.

Compaq Cold applied Boots are quick and easy to install and do not require any taping of the bushing or the termination. The boot can easily be removed and reinstalled without the need for additional material or tooling.

Material: High grade Silicone rubber

Standard colour: Red/Grey

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Salient Features

  • One size covers right angled or straight installation
  • Removable and re-installable
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Connection can be energized immediately after installation
  • High performance insulation material
  • Tool free application
  • Excellent track and erosion resistance
Technical Parameters
Test Test Requirement Results
D.C Voltage Dry withstand 15 minutes at 6 Uo Passed
A.C Voltage Dry withstand 5 minutes 4.5 Uo passed
Impulse Voltage a ambient 10 Impulses of each polarity passed
Temperature 10 cycles at2.5 Uo passed
Electrical Heat cycling in air 4 hours at 4.5 Uo passed
A.C Voltage dry withstand humidity 300h duration at 1.25 Uo passed
Maximum System Voltage 17.5 kV
Basic Impulse Level 95 kv
Cable Cross section 35 - 400 mm