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Power Cable Accessories

Compaq International offers reliable & wide range of Cable joints, terminations for power cables from 1kV to 72.5kV using either Heat shrink, Cold Shrink, Push-On/Slip technologies. Compaq also offers Screened Separable Connectors which are easy to use and safe. The company is well-known in both national and global market for manufacturing cost-efficient and robust solutions, suitable for all cable types and sizes. At Compaq, we use the most advanced materials & design concept to lead the modern technology.

  • Heat Shrink Cable Terminations
  • Cold Shrink Cable Terminations
  • Pre-Moulded Cable Terminations
  • Screened Separable Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Cable Joints
  • Cold Shrink Cable Joints
  • Pre-Moulded Cable Joints
  • Accessories