Polymer Surge Arresters

Polymer Surge Arresters Upto 36kV

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Compaq Polymer Surge Arrestors are manufactured to offer optimum protection to distribution equipment such as transformers and similar assets against the damaging lightning effects and similar operational conditions. These arrestors perform their task with high-end improvement and fidelity towards surge switching and medium voltage networks. Maintenance of service safety for both underground and overheard setups is offered without any trouble on exposure in the outdoors for long durations. Going through precision tests have made Compaq arrestors more durable & reliable.

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Salient Features

  • Direct moulded housing to prevent moisture ingress.
  • Low residual voltages.
  • Excellent cantilever performance.
  • Hydrophobic Silicone Housing.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Quality Design and Manufacturing meeting International Standards.
Compaq Polymeric Surge arresters have been designed and manufactured in compliance to IEC: 60099-4 and IS: 3070 (Part 3)
Specifications Technical Values
Generic Technical Data:
System Application Voltage 0.5-33 kV
Rated discharge Voltage 0.5-33 kV
Rated Discharge Current 5 kA, 10 kA
Line Discharge Class I, II, III
High Current Withstand 65-100 kA
Applicable Design & Standard IEC 60099-4, IS 3070 (Part III)
Arrester Type Distribution Type, Station Type
Arrester Technology Metal Oxide Gapless