Heat Shrink Rain Sheds

Heat Shrink Rain Sheds

Used to increase the surface Creepage distance of the cores of cable termination without increasing the length. They are also used to avoid continuity during rainy season to avoid shot circuiting of the electrical network. The rain sheds are made from high quality cross linked polyolefin material that offers exceptional non tracking behavior, insulation and long term service reliability for indoor and outdoor applications. The creepage extension sheds are internally coated with water resistant mastic

Material: High quality Cross Linked Polyolefin

Standard Color: Red

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Salient Features

  • Anti-tracking
  • Min. full recovery temp.: 130°C
  • Shrink ratio 2-3:1
  • Suitable for medium voltage applications Up to 36kV
  • Sealing mastic coated
Technical Parameters
Properties Value Standard
Tensile strength 12n/mm² MPA (Min.) ASTM D638
Ultimate elongation 350% (Min.) ASTM D638
Density 1.15 ± 0.2GM /cm3 ASTM D 792
Hardness 45 ± 10shoe d ASTM D 2240
Water Absorption 0.5 % (Max.) ASTM D 570
Properties Value Standard
Accelerated Ageing 120°C for 500 hrs. ASTM D2671
Tensile Strength 11N/mm² MPA (Min.) ASTMD 638
Ultimate Elongation 300% (Min.) ASTM D 638
Low temperature flexibility -20° c 4 h No cracking ASTM D 2671
Shrink temperature 125°C IEC 216
Continuous Temperature Limit -40°C to =100°C IEC 216
Properties Value Standard
Dielectric Strength 15kV mm (Min.) ASTM D 149
Volume Resistivity 1x10 ohm. Cm (Min.) ASTM D 257
Dielectric Constant 5 (Max.) ASTM D 150
Resistant to track & erosion No tracking , erosion or flame failure up to 3.25 KV for 20 min. ASTM D 2303