Heat Shrink Wraparound Sleeves

Heat Shrink Wraparound Sleeves

Compaq heat shrink wraparound sleeves are manufactured from thermally stabilized cross-linked polyolefin, with a hot melt adhesive liner on the inner side of the sleeves. Upon heating, the sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts, creating a water tight bond between the sleeve and cable sheath or cable Joint assembly components. A corrosion proof stainless steel channel is used to close the sleeve during installation.<

Compaq heat shrinkable wraparound sleeves are designed to repair damaged cable sheath. It is also suitable for use for rejecting of cable Joints and as additional corrosion protection on undamaged cables.

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Salient Features

  • Provides water tight seal upon recovery.
  • Excellent mechanical strength.
  • Application procedure is quick, simple & clean.
  • Covered with thermochromatic paint that change colure upon achieving correct shrink temperature.
  • Sleeve can be cut to suit shorter application requirement on site.
  • Stainless steel channel provides permanent closer system.