CHXSJ Series

Heat Shrink Straight through joint for XLPE Cables up to 72.5kV

Product Code: CHXSJ

Compaq CHXSJ Joint kits are designed for jointing either single core cables designed with polymeric (XLPE or EPR) insulation and can be used with both compression and mechanical type connectors.

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Salient Features

  • Field proven technology
  • Simple installation, No special tools required
  • Wide range and possible to tailor for any cable type
  • Excellent performance & reliability
  • Reliable operations, proven in practice
Voltage Class: 72.5 kV
Cable Cross Section (mm2) Cable Construction Kit code single core joint
70-120 Unarmoured CHXSJU/66/1C/70-120
Armoured CHXSJA/66/1C/70-120
150-240 Unarmoured CHXSJU/66/1C/150-240
Armoured CHXSJA/66/1C/150-240
300-500 Unarmoured CHXSJU/66/1C/300-500
Armoured CHXSJA/66/1C/300-500
630-1000 Unarmoured CHXSJU/66/1C/630-1000
Armoured CHXSJA/66/1C/630-1000