Are you in search of a robust solution to safeguard your cables from tracking and erosion?

Look no further than Compaq International's Cold Shrink Cable Terminations! Our terminations are meticulously crafted to resist tracking, providing unparalleled protection for your cables in diverse industrial environments.


Key Features:

  • 1 . Track Resistant: Our cold shrink cable terminations are expertly engineered using silicone, an exceptional track-resistant material that repels water and ensures the insulator stays self-cleaning.
  • 2 . Secure: Equipped with rain sheds, our terminations disrupt wet leakage paths, significantly reducing the creepage distance and enhancing overall security.
  • 3 . Dry Operation: The silicone composition of our terminations results in a drier surface and lower leakage currents, guaranteeing that your cables remain safe and dry.


  • Made with premium silicone material.
  • Includes rain sheds for enhanced security.
  • Promotes a dryer surface and lower leakage currents.

How It Works:

  • 1 . Our terminations, composed of silicone, excel as track-resistant materials, repelling water and ensuring a self-cleaning insulator.
  • 2 . Integrated rain sheds disrupt wet leakage paths, minimizing the creepage distance of the termination.
  • 3 . The silicone material maintains a dry surface, reducing leakage currents and keeping your cables safe and dry.


Q: How do these terminations protect against tracking?

A: Our cold shrink cable terminations leverage silicone, an excellent track-resistant material that repels water and facilitates self-cleaning of the insulator.

Q: How do the rain sheds help?

A: The rain sheds included in our terminations effectively disrupt wet leakage paths, resulting in a significantly shorter creepage distance.

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