Powering the Future with Compaq International: Your Trusted Partner in MV Cable Terminations

Connect with Confidence: In the dynamic world of power distribution, safe, reliable, and efficient connections are paramount. This is where Compaq International, a leading manufacturer of medium voltage (MV)cable terminations, comes in. For over two decades, Compaq has been empowering businesses with innovative solutions, ensuring seamless power flow across diverse applications.


Master of Engineering, Experts in Performance: Compaq's commitment to excellence starts with its team of passionate engineers. They translate their expertise into meticulously designed terminations, encompassing heat shrink, cold shrink, and pre-moulded types. Each termination embodies unmatched quality, boasting:

  • Superior electrical performance: Rigorous testing ensures high dielectric strength, insulation resistance, and controlled partial discharge, minimizing downtime and maximizing safety.
  • Unwavering mechanical strength: Engineered to withstand tensile, compressive, and bending forces, Compaq terminations offer enduring reliability in demanding environments.
  • Environmental resilience: Whether facing harsh weather, UV rays, or extreme temperatures, Compaq's terminations are built to last, meeting the most stringent industry standards.
  • Safety first: Flame retardance, arc flash protection, and proper grounding provisions prioritize personnel and equipment safety, offering peace of mind.
  • Installation ease: Designed for simplicity and speed, Compaq terminations minimize downtime and maximize efficiency, even in challenging situations.

A World of Applications: Compaq's diverse portfolio caters to a wide range of applications.

  • Power distribution systems: Substations, transformers, switchgear, and overhead/underground cables rely on Compaq's reliable connections.
  • Industrial plants and facilities: Motors, generators, control panels, and lighting systems are powered by Compaq's robust solutions.
  • Renewable energy installations: Wind farms, solar arrays, and biomass plants integrate seamlessly into the grid with Compaq's efficient terminations.
  • Transportation infrastructure: Railway electrification and metro systems operate smoothly thanks to Compaq's reliable power connections.
  • Data centers and critical infrastructure: Uninterrupted power supply is ensured with Compaq's dependable terminations.

Beyond Products: Building Partnerships: Compaq International understands that each project is unique. They offer comprehensive support, from expert product selection to on-site training and technical assistance. Their commitment to building long-term partnerships ensures you have the right solutions to meet your specific needs.

Choose Compaq, Choose Confidence: When it comes to MV cable terminations, trust matters. Compaq International's dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service makes them the ideal partner for powering your success. You can contact us at for any queries.