Compaq International's Screened Separable Connector — Touch-Proof Terminations Up to 36 kV

In the dynamic realm of medium voltage cable connections, the quest for reliability, safety, and efficiency can be a daunting journey. Fortunately, Compaq International has unveiled its technological marvel—the Screened Separable Connector (CSSC), a game-changer designed to seamlessly link single and three-core polymeric cables to medium voltage switchgear, RMU, and various other equipment.


Built to Last: A Fortress Against Environmental Challenges

At the heart of the CSSC lies a commitment to durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, this connector stands resilient against harsh environments and demanding electrical loads. Stress, corrosion, and weather extremes become inconsequential concerns, as the CSSC emerges as a steadfast performer, ready to endure and deliver.

Streamlined Installation: Embracing Compact Efficiency

Gone are the days of wrestling with bulky connectors and struggling against clearance limitations. The CSSC introduces a new era of efficiency with its compact design. Its intuitive architecture simplifies installation, not only saving precious time but also minimizing the risk of errors. The CSSC doesn't just connect; it streamlines the process.

Uncompromising Safety: Shielding Connections in Every Dimension

Safety is non-negotiable, and the CSSC embodies this principle. Fully screened and submersible, this connector ensures complete protection against accidental contact and environmental hazards. In challenging conditions, the CSSC becomes a shield, safeguarding both crew and equipment with unwavering commitment.

Key Features: A Symphony of Excellence

  • Voltage Rating: Up to 36 kV
  • Cable Compatibility: Single and three-core polymeric cables
  • Current Rating: 630A/800A
  • Compact Design: Quick installation with no minimum phase clearance required
  • Fully Screened and Submersible: Elevating safety and reliability
  • High-Quality Materials: Robust construction for longevity
  • Rigorous Inspection: Thorough testing for quality assurance
  • Comprehensive Support: A dedicated sales team always ready to assist

Effortless Application: Connecting Confidence in Four Steps

  • 1 . Compatibility Check: Ensure cables and equipment align with the connector type.

  • 2 . Bushing Connection: Effortlessly link cables to the CSSC using bushings type "C."

  • 3 . Equipment Connection: Securely fasten the CSSC to designated equipment.

  • 4 . Final Tightening: Strengthen the connection with secure tightening of all screws.

Frequently Asked Questions: Addressing Your Curiosities

Q: What is the maximum voltage rating of the CSSC?

A: The CSSC is rated for up to 36 kV.

Q: What type of cables can be used with the CSSC?

A: The CSSC is compatible with single and three-core polymeric cables

Unparalleled Support: Beyond Products, A Commitment to Excellence

Compaq International transcends the role of a product provider. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their comprehensive support and service. From pre-installation guidance to post-sale assistance, their dedicated team ensures that your journey with the CSSC is smooth, successful, and backed by unwavering support.

Investing in Confidence: Your Path to Operational Excellence

Choosing Compaq International's CSSC is an investment in peace of mind, operational efficiency, and long-term safety. Visit Compaq International's CSSC to dive deeper into the world of reliable connections and experience the empowerment that comes with cutting-edge technology.For more information, write to us at or visit us at