Welcome to the world of Heat Shrink Technology!

Heat shrink tubes and joints play a significant role in the electrical sector as they offer insulation, strain relief, and wire identification. By subjecting these tubes and molded components to heat, they can be adjusted to acquire the requisite shape and size, resulting in a stable fit that can last for many years, if not decades.


Heat shrink technology is extensively utilized for cable connections and terminations, particular situations such as exposure to high amount of UV radiation, severe pollution, and oil and gas pipelines can pose significant risks. Therefore, it is imperative to exercise caution when utilizing this technology in such conditions.

Polyethylene is a widely utilized plastic that serves as the primary constituent of heat-shrink technology. Its chemical configuration is represented by (C2H4)n, where in the repeating unit is C2H4.

To form a molecular chain, cross-linking procedures including chemical, peroxide, or radiation are employed. As a result of these processes, certain physical characteristics like melting properties tend to alter. Such modifications enable the polymer to resist melting even when heated beyond its crystalline melting threshold.

Heat shrink technology is an essential component to guarantee efficient electrical designs. Products such as extruded tubes and molded components, including breakouts and end caps, can be expanded before use, and kept in this condition for storage.

As soon as these products are exposed to heat above their crystalline melting point, typically applied by a gas torch or hot air gun during installation, they quickly revert to their original shape. This memory effect of the heat-shrink products remains unaltered throughout their lifespan, making them virtually last forever if stored and maintained within specific environmental conditions.

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