Why Underground Cabling Systems better
than Overground Cabling Systems ?

Electricity for powering human habitations such as cities and rural areas is provided by thermal, nuclear, solar, wind or tidal energy plants everywhere in the world. While electricity is produced at a large-scale level in many centralized units, it is distributed to houses, shops and factories, which are located at a distance from the power plants, with the help of power cables. 

Over long rural distances, overhead lines are used for electrical transmission. However, when a built-up area is approached, or if the power plant is in proximity to a city or town, there are many advantages to be gained by installing underground cables for the transmission system.


1. Longer life - Underground cabling is unaffected by factors such as rough weather and strong sunlight, and this help it sustain over a longer period of time than overhead systems.

2. Lower maintenance costs - Since underground cabling is not exposed, it does not have brave factors like wear and tear in the manner that overhead system does. Thus, underground cabling requires lower maintenance.

3. Consistent, uninterrupted service - With overhead cabling, services may get disrupted in the event of a storm or an accident involving the snapping of cables by force. With underground cabling, these problems can be avoided easily. 

4. Optimum utilization of land - Overhead systems take up a significant amount of land which could be used for other purposes. However, underground transmission systems allow land to be used for other purposes by taking minimal space on the ground.

5. Better safety - Overhead transmission systems can easily become a fire hazard in case of short-circuiting. In the event of a storm, the poles and transmission lines can also fall, causing damage to life and property. With underground cabling, such possibilities are eliminated. 

6. Aesthetic Superiority - Overhead cabling can negatively affect the aesthetics of a place, but underground cabling does not have this problem, as it is technically invisible to the eyes.  

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