Heat Shrink and Cold Shrink Technology

Heat Shrink and Cold Shrink Technologies are an indispensable part of the power cable industry as they contribute to the development of power infrastructure. While both heat shrink and cold shrink technologies are used for jointing power cables, they both have their pros and cons in specific situations.

Compaq International produces different types of high-quality, durable, and reliable cable accessories which can be heat shrink or cold shrink technologies. Both types of technologies are proven to provide years of service without needing maintenance.


Here is a glimpse of how Compaq International’s covers heat shrink and cold shrink technologies -

Heat Shrink Technology

Compaq International began its operation with heat shrink technology 23 years ago and they perfected it for field usage. The brand uses specially formulated thermoplastic polymer materials that have the capability to shrink and conform with precision to different shapes. Elastic memory uses cross linking that allows them to return to their original shape after heat application. Within the advanced heat shrink product range, multi-layer tubing and unique materials science incorporate several functions into each component.

Compaq International’s heat shrink products have a proven track records without maintenance which translates into massive cost savings. These products are built for robustness - they are capable of sustaining in the harshest of weather conditions and are also resistant to chemicals.

Salient Features:

1. Flame Retardant

2. Superior reliability

3. Resistance to thermal ageing

4. Hydrophobicity 

5. Tracking and erosion resistance. 

6. High thermal property

7. Resistance to surface electrical activity

Cold Shrink Technology

In situations where heat shrink technology is unsuitable, cold shrink technology comes to the rescue of power projects. In places with extreme weather conditions or unsafe environments such as areas around gas pipelines, cold shrink technology products are a safer option.

Compaq International’s cold shrink products, made from silicone or ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) are excellent at connecting and sealing power cables. The cold shrink tubes come fitted with a spiral cord inside of them. When a tube is positioned over a desired place, the spiral in the tube is pulled out, which causes the tube to shrink to its pre-stretched size. The tube thus fits the cable perfectly and constantly exerts radial pressure for the lifetime of the joint or termination.

Compaq International’s cold shrink technology products also have a proven track records in field. The silicone rubber used in the products is reliable for use in the higher voltage classes, and it conforms well to cable bends, which is suitable for long term usage and protecting against moisture ingress, or voids within the installation. Cold Shrink products are suitable for use in refineries, coastal environments, high altitude environments, underwater environments, solar power plants and wind farms.

Salient Features:

8. Flame Retardant

9. Resistance to thermal ageing

10. Hydrophobicity 

11. Tracking and erosion resistance. 

12. High thermal property

Do you have a requirement for heat shrink or cold shrink cable accessories for your running projects? Compaq International is among the industry leaders for power cable accessories such as cable joints and cable terminations. The company manufactures products that use both heat shrink and cold shrink technologies with highly precise measurements. We not only provide top-notch products, but also unparalleled after-sales service. To inquire about our products, get in touch with us here -